Violinist, improviser, composer, arranger, producer (Abalone)

Régis Huby, since his debut at the turn of the 90s in the orchestra of clarinettist Louis Sclavis, has never ceased to affirm a strong and perfectly original personality in the polymorphous field of jazz and European improvised music. 

Initially influenced by the archaic power of Celtic traditions, the energy of jazz rock and the boundless expressiveness of free improvisation, Huby very quickly developed a personal musical universe linking, through sophisticated and resolutely hybrid forms, contemporary jazz, a certain chamber music conception inherited from European culture and the great rhythmic machineries borrowed from American minimalists.

Regularly solicited as a sideman by musicians as different as Vincent Courtois, Yves Rousseau, Claude Tchamitchian, Marc Ducret or Yom, Régis Huby has also very quickly diversified his practice by establishing himself as a designer/director of ambitious projects highlighting the transgender talents of artists such as Lambert Wilson or Maria Laura Baccarini and by multiplying over the years collaborations in the most varied registers. Whether it is within the Quatuor IXI, which he has co-directed with Guillaume Roy since 1995, his quartet "Equal Crossing" or at the head of the vast orchestra of 15 musicians set up for the creation in 2017 of "The Ellipse" (Music for Large Ensemble), he continues today to develop a lyrical, rich and generous music, more than ever at the crossroads of genres and styles that make up the richness of the contemporary landscape.